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Larson Realty Group is a privately owned, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan-based company engaged in real estate investment, development, asset management, leasing and consulting. The group is supported by the broad experience of its principal, Eric B. Larson, with a network of experienced real estate professionals specializing in construction, engineering, property management, leasing and finance. Larson Realty Group develops and invests in office, retail, industrial, residential and mixed-use properties. The group also provides services to third parties, selectively taking on asset management, leasing, construction management and advisory assignments.


Larson Realty Group brings an entrepreneurial approach to its activities, emphasizing timely, market responsive, owner oriented decision-making. The Group seeks acquisition opportunities in which it can create value in properties that have under-performed due to inexperienced property management, inappropriate market positioning, lack of capital, unresolved legal encumbrances, sub-optimal leasing, property configuration and/or programming.


Larson Realty Group actively pursues projects to which we can add value by virtue of our broad-based real estate expertise. The Group has developed a comprehensive set of skills that allows us to fully evaluate a property, quickly identify areas of hidden costs and/or revenue opportunity and formulate a strategic plan to turn an under performing asset around, thus creating additional value. Larson Realty Group team members are challenged on a daily basis to maximize the value of the real estate we manage through superior tenant service, aggresive operating cost control, quality maintenance programs and the prudent expenditure of capital improvement dollars.

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